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5900  5900 PowerShot Porfessional Cable Tacker

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The Powershot 5900 is a light duty plastic wire and cable tacker that’s a necessary addition to any tool collection. The Powershot 5900 shoots easy-to-load plastic insulated fasteners. The stapler can be used for a variety of applications such as hanging string lights, garland, and other holiday decorations. Its durable, lightweight build also makes it perfect for installing low voltage wiring for home applications such as alarm, doorbell, thermostat, and speaker wires.

Ideal For:

Data and communication cables, CAT5, RG-59, RG-6

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5900 PowerShot Porfessional Cable Tacker

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    The Long and Short
    of Staple Selection

    Base Material


    Oak, Plywood, MDF


    Pine, Douglas Fir, Foam

    Fastened Material

    Thin Thick

    Paper, Wraps, Fabric

    Foam, Pads, Batting, Carpet

    Pro Tip:

    Buy the size you think you need,
    PLUS the next shorter size.

    If staple stands away from surface, the staple
    is too long. Choose next shorter leg length.

    Corrosion Resistance







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