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The Legendary T50®

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The Arrow T50® Staple Gun is the UNDISPUTED CHAMP of staple guns with over 50 million units sold since its introduction in the 1950s. Renowned for its dependability and durability, the T50 has been the number one choice for generations of professionals and DIYers. It’s truly an iconic American tool.

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Top-selling T50

50 million people before you have chosen wisely – making the T50 the best-selling heavy-duty staple gun in the history of heavy-duty staple guns.

7 In 10 buy Arrow Staples

Americans choose Arrow staples by a wide margin. In fact, each year we process enough staple wire to circle the earth over 15 times. So, what are you waiting for? Add your name to the long list of pros and Joes (or Joans) who confidently buy Arrow staples again and again.

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