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The People Behind Arrow

Since 1929, Arrow Fastener has embodied the commitment to family values instilled by its founder, Morris Abrams. That spirit of compassion and generosity is reflected in our products and programs, which enable families to complete products and learn together. It’s also what’s helped us lead the industry in innovation, style and functionality for over 80 years.

The Arrow Promise

We exist to empower you to tackle and
complete simple home projects quickly, cleanly
and with pride.

You Can Do It!

Our tried-and-true handy tools and accessories arm
you with everything you need to tackle
projects with confidence.

It’s As Easy As Staple, Nail, Rivet, Glue!

Our staple guns, rivet tools and glue guns
are just what you need to become an
over-achieving handyman!

Honoring an Icon

The Arrow T50 staple gun is an iconic American tool.
And with more than 50 million sold and counting, it’s the
best-selling heavy-duty staple gun in history.

Pros and Joes Choose Arrow

With crossover appeal like this, perhaps we should run for office. Approximately 70% of our users are Joes (or Joans) and the other 30% of users are pros.

Versatility That Rivals Any Tool In Your Toolbox

Arrow staple guns can help you cross a lot of items off your honey-do list, but the things people most use our staple guns for include:

craft/hobby projects
home décor/decorating
cable tracking
picture framing

The Way of The Arrow

It’s honorable. It’s true. It’s pride in the past. And commitment to the future. It’s the path of progress.

How do you Arrow?


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