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Everything You Need to Know About Your Arrow T50ACD Electric Staple Gun

An electric staple gun that offers you jobsite power and performance to do what you love to do around the home, Arrow’s T50ACD Cordless Electric Staple Gun delivers maximum power with every staple shot.

What the T50ACD Offers

Unlike traditional electric tools, Arrow’s breakthrough T50ACD electric staple gun delivers consistent, pro-grade performance regardless of jobsite voltage fluctuations — even on a 100-foot extension cord.

This stapler works well for insulation, as well as other DIY projects such as screen repair, upholstery and crafts.

Consistent Drive Power

The T50ACD’s motor drive guarantees consistent power with each shot, as compared to traditional solenoid tool designs, which may have inconsistent drive force. What you get is maximum power, making this electric staple gun perfect for projects that require stapling into harder surfaces, including plywood and pine boards.


The T50ACD’s ergonomic design offers an easy-squeeze trigger, a soft overmolded grip, and an oversize trigger and staple viewing window.

Simple Loading

The T50ACD features a convenient bottom-load magazine with a quick-release feature. It’s easy to load, but if you need some extra guidance, there’s a step-by-step video tutorial following this information.

What Staples Can I Use?

Use genuine Arrow T50 staples for this tool, whether 1/4” and 5/16” to 3/8” and 1/2″. As a general rule for working with hard woods: approximately 3/16” to 1/4” penetration into the wood is sufficient. For soft wood, penetration up to approximately 3/8” should be sufficient. To learn more about picking the right staples for this tool or any other Arrow tools, visit our Skinny on Staples guide.

More Information

Check out the T50ACD’s manual and warranty.

Tool Selection Guide


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