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Everything You Need to Know About Your Arrow T50DCD Cordless Electric Staple Gun

An easy-to-squeeze trigger, powerful-yet-consistent fastening and the convenience of a cordless tool? Check, check and check.

Arrow’s T50DCD Cordless Electric Staple Gun checks off a lot of boxes by delivering pro-grade performance for experts, beginners and everyone in between looking to get things done in the home workshop or on the job site.

What the T50DCD Offers

Awesome for general repairs, upholstery, decorating and outdoor projects, the T50DCD’s 3.6-volt lithium ion battery ensures the tool delivers 500 shots per charge; that output is 25 percent more than other competitive cordless tools. As a user, you’re getting more shots per charge plus maximum power per shot.

Being cordless and holding a solid charge allows the T50DCD to offer users the freedom to move about and work in areas where power sources can be limited (i.e., insulation jobs in attics, large upholstery projects, fencing on big properties), or where power cords can tangle and create a potential hazard (i.e., hangings light up on a ladder).


The T50DCD’s ergonomic design — easy-squeeze trigger and soft, overmolded grip — also reduces stress on users’ fingers, hand and wrist. Users who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel or other ongoing hand ailments report a significant difference versus tougher-to-squeeze manual staple guns. As such, the tool’s ergonomics make it that much easier for people to keep doing things they love like restoring furniture, hanging Christmas lights or adding curtains to the patio.

Consistent Driving Force

The T50DCD’s motor drive guarantees consistent power with each shot, as compared to other traditional solenoid tool designs, which may have inconsistent drive force. The consistent drive makes this cordless electric staple gun perfect for projects that require stapling into harder surfaces, including plywood and pine boards.


Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the staple gun game, this tool has a convenient bottom-load magazine with a quick-release feature. It’s easy to load, but if you need some extra guidance, here’s a step-by-step video tutorial.

What Staples Can I Use?

This cordless staple gun works with staples ranging from 1/4” to 1/2″. As a general rule for working with hard woods: approximately 3/16” to 1/4”penetration into the wood is sufficient. For soft wood, up to approximately 3/8”should be sufficient. To learn more about picking the right staples for this tool or any other Arrow tools, visit our Skinny on Staples guide.

Lithium Ion Battery

The T50DCD features a battery indicator light: solid green means the tool is fully charged, flashing red means the battery is low and flashing green means the tool is in battery saving mode.

More Information

Check out the T50DCD’s manual and warranty.

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