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How to Pick a Glue Gun That’s Right for You

You have a project that you want to complete, but maybe you’re unsure which glue gun is just right for your needs. Find out how to pick a glue gun that's right for you.

Do you want cordless? Do you need to use a lot of glue to bond something heavy? Or are you working within tight confines and need precise glue control?

Arrow’s latest line of glue guns offer a variety of options, all depending on your needs. Let’s take a look at those options.

2 Temps with GT20DT

The GT20DT™ Dual Temp Glue Gun’s name tells the story: it has two temperature settings for your various needs. Whether crafting, flooring, upholstery, school projects, birdhouses, Halloween costumes or just general house repairs, if you have precise project needs, the GT20DT is a great, precise option.

For example, one Arrow user intricately connected a new motor board on his treadmill with the GT20DT.

Its high-temp setting heats quickly and delivers maximum bonding, while the low setting melts glue sticks at a cooler temperature rate to protect fragile materials that have low melting points. While the glue’s temperature can change, the precision does not; the GT20DT’s drip-resistant tip offers control and accuracy, especially in tight spaces.

It’s lightweight, easy to use and ergonomic, too.

GT12MT for Cordless Crafting

The GT12M MiniPlus Glue Gun is great for crafting and smaller projects, but has a cool differentiator. The GT12MT allows for continuous use when plugged in, but also can switch to a cordless use, giving you up to five minutes of gluing. Or, just plug the cord directly into the tool without the stand and be on your way.

The MiniPlus is a high-temperature glue gun that heats up fast. Aside from its unique cordless feature, the GT12M glue gun has a light that helps you better see your work and a silicone heat-resistant nozzle to reduce the chance of burns.

This ergonomically designed glue gun is awesome for classroom decorating, holiday creations and small DIY projects.

Getting ‘Heavy’ with GT300

The most powerful heavy-duty glue gun offered by Arrow, the GT300 is durable and provides the precision necessary for both professionals and DIYers. GT300 users can tackle big projects that require precise control, such as flooring, carpentry, upholstery, woodworking, heavy-duty home repairs — even your kids’ science projects.

Featuring 300 watts of power (via a power cord), this glue gun heats up quickly. It is ergonomically designed for convenience and control, including lightweight construction and an easy-to-pull full size trigger.

This high-temperature tool offers ultimate glue control via a drip-resistant nozzle and precision glue control adjustment knob. Depending on your project needs, just tweak the knob and you can confidently make smooth lines or small dots. You can even use it to temporarily hold wood in place before stapling.

And when it’s not in use, the GT300’s sturdy base and wing stands help prevent mishaps when placing the glue gun down on surfaces.

Not sure which can of glue sticks you’ll need? We have a handy glue stick guide for you, too.

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