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New ET501C

ET501C  Cordless 5-in-1 Electric Staple Gun

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Trades of all kinds are turning to professional-grade staple guns for a full range of applications, and the Arrow Cordless 5-in-1 Electric Staple Gun combines power and performance with comfort and convenience to get you through your projects. This cordless staple gun fires five different types of fasteners, allowing one tool for multiple projects and enabling the user to have optimal performance and control. The compact cordless design of this staple gun helps improve mobility and reduce fatigue, saving you time and effort on the job. Best of all, the powerful lithium-ion battery fires over 1,000 shots per full charge, so you can get the job done quickly while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

Ideal For:

Upholstery, insulation, crafting, handling holiday lights, thin trim, and woodworking

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Cordless 5-in-1 Electric Staple Gun

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Uses Genuine Arrow Brad Nails Select

Uses Genuine Arrow Staple  Staples Select

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