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New GT301

GT301  300-Watt Pro Glue Gun

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The professional-grade Arrow 300-Watt Pro Glue Gun offers the precision and control needed to complete a wide range of projects. The 300-watt professional-grade power delivers fast heat up, heavy-duty glue output, and an oversized trigger-feed mechanism which allows for easily squeezing large amounts of glue. The convenient drip-resistant nozzle ensures you deliver precise material application and maintain a clean workstation. With a unique adjustable glue flow feature, the Arrow 300-Watt Pro Glue Gun is the perfect tool for switching between precise applications and heavy-duty glue flow. The built-in stand is designed to keep the tool upright and prevent glue from dripping onto surfaces, ensuring a clean workstation. The well-balanced cord on the Arrow 300-Watt Pro Glue Gun prevents it from pulling off the built-in stand to ensure the tool stays safely in place.

Ideal For:

Woodworking, general construction, and repairs


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300-Watt Pro Glue Gun

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Uses Genuine Arrow Glue Sticks Select

All Purpose Glue Sticks


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Get Your Shop On

Item Size Pack Size Buy
AP10-4 10" x 1/2" (254mm x 12mm) 12 Buy Now
AP5 4" x 1/2" (101mm x 12mm) 6 Buy Now

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