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OSCMULT-10A  Oscillating Multi-Tool
Blade Assortment Kit

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Seasoned professionals and DIYers alike will find the perfect blade-replacement fit inside Arrow’s Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Assortment Kit. This 10-pack kit contains a variety set of blades designed with a universal fit for use with most major brands of oscillating multi-tools. Military-grade high-carbon steel and bi-metal blades provide coverage and extended performance for numerous cutting applications, including wood and nails, drywall, PVC, steel, and nonferrous materials. The Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Assortment Kit also includes a built-tough storage case to store multiple blades and accessories.

Ideal For:

Woodworking, Trimming Pipes, Nails, and Screws; Cutting Drywall; Opening Casing and Packaging

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Oscillating Multi-Tool
Blade Assortment Kit

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